Neighborhood Match Fund


Are you a Grand Rapids resident planning a project to help reestablish community and relationships? You may be eligible for funding through the Neighborhood Match Fund (NMF).

Contracts ranging from $500 to $5,000 will be awarded for Grand Rapids resident-led projects that are community focused, inclusive and promote a deeper sense of belonging among neighbors. 

How to Apply

Application Guide

Learn how to apply with our step-by-step application guide.

English Guide(PDF, 609KB)     Spanish Guide(PDF, 544KB)

We're accepting project idea applications June 1- 30.

Who Can Apply?

  • Grand Rapids residents
  • Informal resident groups (e.g. block clubs) in Grand Rapids
  • Community-based organizations located in and serving Grand Rapids

You can only have one active NMF contract at a time. All reports and paperwork are due before you can apply for a new NMF contract.

Project Roles

Project Lead

The Grand Rapids resident leading the project and submitting the project idea. This individual must be from the community that the project impacts. They're the main contact with NMF staff. They're responsible for completing the project and submitting the closing report.


An individual, informal group or nonprofit organization proposing the project. The applicant may also be the project lead/contract.


An individual or nonprofit organization located in Grand Rapids. The fiduciary helps with financial bookkeeping and reporting. The NMF check is written and sent to the fiduciary. Applying as a non-profit? The Contractor is generally also the fiduciary.

A fiduciary is the project finance manager that:

• Manages the dollars
• Makes sure expenses align to the project
• Confirms the minimum match contributions were made
• Documents and reports back on how the NMF dollars were used

We write and send the check to the fiduciary. The fiduciary tracks NMF contract expenses and match contributions. We'll ask you to report on these in the NMF Closing Report form.

A third party fiduciary may charge up to 5% for their services.  Please note, there are many local nonprofits that will serve as a fiduciary for free.  You do not have to identify your fiduciary when submitting your idea.

Eligibility Requirements

What You Have to Do

  • Take place in Grand Rapids city limits
  • Align with the NMF purpose and objectives
  • Abide by City ordinances and policies

What You Can't Do

You can't use NMF fund for any of the following:

  • Anything that financially benefits City of Grand Rapids staff, City Commissioners or Appointed/Elected Officials
  • Staff salary/wage expenses
  • Lobbying efforts
  • Buying alcohol
  • Increasing the cost to the City for the maintenance of the project or for any other reason
  • Events and programs that charge admission to participate

NMF Funds  

The amount we award depends on the amount requested, project scope, alignment with NMF objectives and NMF balance. If awarded, you must spend the NMF dollars during the six-month contract period. You will also be required to match the amount awarded. This means for every dollar we award, you must match that amount with any combination of:

  • Volunteer labor (valued at $29.95/hour)
  • In-kind goods and services
  • Cash donations

For example, an NMF contract for $500 could be matched with:

  • $100 worth of volunteer labor
  • $300 of in-kind/donated materials (e.g. food, supplies)
  • $100 cash donation from a local business or from a grant

Highlighted Project


 Young Money Finance We Matter Now.2.jpg    Young Money Finances We Matter Now.3.jpg

Conference provided young adult black and brown males in grades 9-11 access to workforce development programs, financial education, and positive mentorships to assist with the reduction of juvenile and adult violence and detention. 

Read More English(PDF, 107KB)(PDF, 54KB)       Read More Spanish(PDF, 106KB)

Past Projects by Year:

Healthy Homes Easter Egg Hunt.JPG

Parents for Healthy Homes 1st Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt

This family-friendly project offered lead poisoning prevention education in an engaging and fun atmosphere.

Read More English(PDF, 77KB)    Read More Spanish(PDF, 77KB)

Be the Change Teens Mental Health.jpg

Be the Change Mental Health Awareness for Young People

Grand Rapids Initiative for Leaders (GRIL) created projects focused on mental health of youth (12 to 25 years old) in partnership with local licensed therapists.

Read More English(PDF, 74KB)    Read More Spanish(PDF, 73KB)

Wealthy Beautification Project.3.jpg

West Wealthy Beautification Project

Aligned Planning and South West Area Neighbors (dba John Ball Area Neighbors) partnered to create habitat boxes for pollinators, bats, and birds.  Project also included educational materials on the Indigenous history of the Grand River corridor.

Read More English(PDF, 75KB)    Read More Spanish(PDF, 77KB)

One Peace Festival.6.JPG

One Peace Festival

Project created a space for community resources to be present and available for neighbors in the community.  Families enjoyed watching the three versus three basketball tournaments of coed youth ranging from 3rd through 8th grade.

 Read More English(PDF, 54KB)    Read More Spanish(PDF, 58KB)

2021 Projects for Webpage.2.JPG


Healthy Housing Healthy Kids

The Healthy Housing, Healthy Kids Drive Up Fair event provided lead safety cleaning supplies but also engaged with Parents for Healthy Homes leaders and members!

Leaders grew their skills in logistics coordination for event planning, developing and keeping budget records, as well as growing their community networks to support continued engagement in the community to promote safety from environmental hazards.

Read More English (PDF, 78KB)   Read More Spanish(PDF, 80KB)

Hispanic Center Food Distribution

The Hispanic Center Food Distribution project distributed nutritious foods, personal protection equipment, lightbulbs, books, toothbrushes, feminine hygiene products, and so much more.  Food was also delivered as needed. 

Read More English(PDF, 78KB)    Read More Spanish(PDF, 77KB)


2021 Projects for Webpage.3.JPG

Students Needs Pantry

The Student Needs Pantry made available food, hotplates, small microwaves, hygiene products, transportation access to pantry, barber and salon services, access to laundry facilities and community resources for students classified as unhoused in Grand Rapids.

Read More English(PDF, 77KB)    Read More Spanish(PDF, 80KB)

Caring for Children of Color

Caring for Children of Color supported, encouraged and empowered local transracial foster/adoptive Parents as well as other Caregivers by providing and giving them access to education and tools around hair care, skin care, cultural competency, and advocacy to better serve and care for their children equitably and holistically.

Read More English(PDF, 76KB)    Read More Spanish(PDF, 77KB)