KidSpeak® is a free annual forum. It's facilitated by the Mayor’s Youth Council, managed by Our Community’s Children. It gives young people in kindergarten through 12th-grade the opportunity to speak directly to legislators, community leaders, and school officials about issues of importance to them. Each year the topic for testimony is chosen by the Mayor's Youth Council. These testimonies help our young people help shape public policy with their interests in mind. 

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The Mayor's Youth Council decides the annual topic for the KidSpeak® forum. The Council is comprised of students in the 9th -12th grade who are Grand Rapids residents. To learn more about the Mayor's Youth Council and how to become a part of it, click below.

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KidSpeak® is an event managed by Our Community's Children. Our Community’s Children provides young people in the City of Grand Rapids with opportunities and programs that are relevant and real to supporting their lives. 

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